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Please read through this entire page to help you get the most out of your stay. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible and this will help you plan better and take advantage of everything we have to offer.


Getting Here

We are located in Playa Cangrejera which is about 20 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from La Libertad. You can find us listed on Waze as El Salvador Retreat. DO NOT USE Google Maps, it sends people down the wrong road that no longer connects to the beach. If you are coming from the airport, you want to turn after you see the second sign for Playa Cangrejera. When turning off of the main highway, you should be on a street with lots of little businesses. You will see the Mendoza Brothers Store, La Nevera ice cream shop, a motorcycle shop, and more. If you don't see these businesses then you are on the wrong road and need to turn around and take a left back onto the main road and it will be your next left.

If you need a rental car or van, we have a great guy who we work with who will make the process quick and simple with much better prices than you will find at the airport. Just let us know.

Follow us on social media and feel free to tag us @elsalvadordreamlife while you are here!

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Food Options

The kitchen is not air conditioned but there are plenty of fans. You will have access to a propane stove and grill and you can cook on the fire pit area too. We do recommend hiring our local cook to give you the freedom to completely relax on vacation and not have to worry about the food. We provide bottled water for you and it has a hot or cold option. There is a coffee maker with coffee filters available.

The best place to get groceries is in San Salvador if you are passing through there. If you are going through La Libertad, there is a small Super Selectos and the major fish market are both on the main road you will be driving on. If you are coming from the airport, there is a store on the way called Super Talpa in San Luis Talpa. We also have fruit and vegetable trucks that drive by daily if you want to go out when you hear them announcing what they have as they drive by.

This beach is private and has one fresh seafood restaurant and a pizza place that will deliver to us. You can also get freshly made tortillas, pastelitos, and pupusas along the road at different local food stands.

If you don't want to worry about food, you can hire a local cook for just $30-$50/day (depending on group size) and she will prepare the food for all meals with the groceries that you bring. We highly recommend doing that as you will have more time to enjoy your stay and relax.

Roberto is known for his gourmet dinners. Most of our guests say it is the best meal they have had on their entire trip in El Salvador! He caters the menu to your preferences and provides three courses for $35 per person. This is great for birthday celebrations and special occasions.

We have been to a wide variety of amazing restaurants throughout El Salvador and have made sure to scout out the best locations to eat at on all of our tours too. If you want restaurant recommendations, please check out this blog post.



Tours & Activities

We are happy to make recommendations to help you plan your trip. We have watched many of our guests try to plan their own agenda and end up driving three hours a day to the same areas of the country. Avoid the planning burnout and let us help. We don't charge anything to help you plan, we just want to save you time and energy and make suggestions so you see the best of what this country has to offer. Here are some of our suggestions of where to go!

If you would like Roberto to be your tour guide, the fee is based on the destination and cost of the activities. There are so many things to do here from feeding the monkeys to whale watching, fishing and boat trips to hiking a volcano, jumping off waterfalls to wandering through botanical gardens in the crater of a volcano. We know a lot of hidden gems in this country that don't get put on the main websites of what to do when you are in El Salvador. All you have to do is give us a call and we can get to know what your group is like, what you are interested in, and plan all the details for you.

There are some activities you can do at our property such as releasing baby sea turtles (seasonal), horseback riding on the beach, flying kites, and having bonfires. We do have swings, pool toys, and some cards and games to play with too.


Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


Hilery offers a wide variety of wellness services that can help you make your stay more relaxing and restorative. Many people go on vacation and return home exhausted, this is the perfect way to find balance during your stay. We always notice a huge shift in our guest's energy after they get a massage, they always become much calmer and more relaxed. It is actually a beautiful transformation to witness.  Hilery also runs an online wellness business so it is best if you can schedule your services in advance, you can do it online here.

Private Yoga Class
We have a wonderful outdoor space perfect for private yoga classes! Grab a group of friends or come alone. Hilery can customize the class based on your experience level, injuries, and interests. We really recommend Hatha or Restorative Yoga classes because the sun is already making you hot and sweaty so there is no need to build up more heat in your body. If you really want a faster pace with more of a focus we can do that too, but we think your body and mind will feel more in alignment after a slower-moving class.

Yoga Therapy
Ever heard the term "the body keeps score" or "the issues are in the tissues"? These phrases come from the mind-body connection and how we store trapped emotions and trauma within our bodies. This is why combining life coaching with yoga, movement, and other healing tools can be extremely transformative. These sessions will begin with life coaching to address what you would specifically like to work on healing. As we get to the root of the issue, Hilery will start guiding you into restorative yoga postures that help address the chakra that needs healing. Binaural music, sound healing, and aromatherapy will also be infused into the session as Hilery guides you through a healing and restorative meditation practice

Thai Yoga Massage
Thai Yoga Massage is a healing art done fully clothed and on a mat instead of a massage table. Your muscles will be stretched into gentle stretches and massaged at every angle imaginable. Energy and reflexology work is incorporated into the session to improve your overall sense of well-being. Aromatherapy and sound healing can be added to elevate your experience!

Spiritual Life Coaching
If you would like to have more joy, contentment, and inner peace in your life then this may be the coaching session you need. Hilery will help you identify limiting beliefs and fears that may be holding you back. She looks at all areas of wellness: physical, emotional, relationship, financial, environment, occupational, spiritual, and healing the past. Everyone has areas of wellness that could use an upgrade on and spiritual life coaching can help a wide variety of stressful life situations too. Hilery can also incorporate your Human Design into these sessions so you understand who you are wired to be at an energetic level. This can bring a lot of clarity and self-acceptance into your life.

Wellness Coaching
If you need to get into a healthier routine then wellness coaching could be what you need. Hilery can help you discover small tweaks to make to your current routine that will allow you to slowly change your habits and build a healthy routine that truly resonates with you. She uses a blend of her personal training and nutrition certifications in addition to her yoga and Ayurveda background to help you make the healthy shifts that are best for your body type. If you have any common excuses that hold you back from making healthy choices for yourself, you can work on that in your coaching sessions too.

Fitness Coaching
Ready to have a movement program customized precisely to your needs and goals? Hilery can work with you to create a custom movement routine - she doesn't like to use the term workout because everyone has different interests but we all do need to move our bodies in one form or another to stay healthy. Hilery has a lot of knowledge on injuries and rehabilitation, flexibility and mobility, yoga and Pilates . She will assess where your strengths and weaknesses are, where you are loose and tight, and decide what exercises and stretches your body truly needs to come into balance. Then she will take your needs, goals, and time to customize a weekly routine for you to follow.

You can also book a free online call with Hilery before you come to figure out what services would be truly ideal for you and your friends or family.

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