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Our Excursions

El Salvador is such a beautiful country with so much to explore. There are a wide variety of excursions we can add to your package. Explore your different options here.

What People Say...

Image by Peter Fogden


As much as we enjoyed the property, our trip would have been nothing without Roberto! He is the expert pilot we needed to navigate our trip. His love and passion for his country rang true in the way he expertly showed us around El Salvador. The first hand account stories he told us and his unyielding kindness during our stay made him the absolute best tour guide any group could have. We enjoyed pupusa making classes with Esmerelada, volcano visits, and were introduced to fruits we have never heard of but thoroughly enjoyed. He helped our group arrange a car rental from a reputable dealer at a fraction of the airport cost. He even accompanied us to the airport to ensure we had a seamless handoff when leaving. THAT MAN IS PURE GOLD!


Thank you again for your gracious hospitality during our stay in El Salvador. We loved every minute. The volcano tour and market tours was a fantastic experience as was everything at the house. Thank you for sharing your love of El Salvador with us and your experiences. We appreciate Jonathan, Esperelda, and the whole team for an incredible opportunity and memorable trip. Thank you for everything!

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