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Finca Colibri

Finca Colibri is our farmland in San Jose Guayabal where we are bringing our nonprofit vision into reality!

This land has been in Roberto's family for generations. It was his grandfather's pride and joy but has been neglected in recent years. We are now trying to restore it to its former glory.

We are currently building a volunteer house out of recycled materials and teaching the locals how to implement permaculture principles so they can grow their own food and live off of the land.

Our Projects at Finca Colibri


Hilery attended the Green Building Academy at Long Way Home in Guatemala to help gain an understanding of how to build with sustainable methods and recycled materials.

A month of training isn't quite enough knowledge when you have no prior experience, so we knew our first build was going to provide quite the learning experience! But we know this method of building is important for our community to learn so we went all in, eager to learn.


This first house will be a volunteer house and model home for people interested in learning more. Ideally, with a team of 12 and $8,500 we could build an eco-friendly, disaster-resistant home for locals in less than two months. We are looking forward to finishing this first one and coming up with a solid plan for future builds.


Support Our Mission

We are currently accepting financial donations through our nonprofit, Blessed are the Flexible and GiveButter. It would actually help us more to have a small monthly recurring donation than a one-time donation but we are super grateful for any amount that comes in.

We are accepting material donations of ecobricks, egg cartons, and glass bottles if you are in El Salvador. If you have any tools or building materials that can be repurposed, we are happy to collect those too!

If you have the interest and the time to volunteer, let us know and we will coordinate something! We could also use volunteers to help us with grant writing and fundraising.

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