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El Salvador Ecovillage

This is currently a dream we are bringing into reality. We have the perfect land for the project and are currently looking for like-minded people that would like to buy plots and start creating a dream community together. 

Our Values


1/4 acre is enough land to become completely self-sustainable! There are so many possibilities and this is a chance to use your imagination and brainstorm in a whole new way.

Perhaps you just want to build a place to retreat from your busy life.

Maybe you can work from anywhere online and want a peaceful and like-minded community to be part of.

Your reasons for wanting to be part of an ecovillage are probably as unique as you!

We want to help you make your dream life a reality. We want to build a community that comes together to create positive change in each other's lives and in El Salvador too.


Ready to Learn More?

There are two different size land plots available (1/4 acre for $15k and 1/2 acre for $25k) and all of them have a beautiful view of the ocean. With just a couple minute walk you are able to see the San Salvador Volcano and the San Miguel Volcano. The land is located a 30-minute drive from the airport, 15 minutes to the ocean, and 35 minutes to the capital city San Salvador.


We are directly off of a tarred road with a public bus route on it that goes to Planes de Renderos, Panchimalco, La Libertad, and El Mercado in the Historical Center of San Salvador. There are plenty of places to explore and enjoy that are less than an hour away. We love this location because it is peaceful and quiet with a beautiful view yet very conveniently located.

We know not everyone interested in this opportunity will be ready to pack up their life and move to El Salvador! Because of this, we will be building a couple of guest accommodations for you to come visit and vacation at until you are ready for your big move.


If you are planning to use our help to build with green sustainable methods, we can probably help you build a home for under $15k, it just depends on your dream concept and finishes. The more luxurious and bigger you want it, the higher your costs will be. All housing plans must be approved by the community.


Let us know if you are interested by emailing us or filling out the form below!

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