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Our Retreats

Our Cuisine

All of the food we prepare is locally sourced and as fresh as possible! We make just about everything from scratch so it's made with love and it's also all-natural and chemical-free. The fish market is just a 20-minute drive from our house and we can catch crabs right on the beach. You will be amazed by all the delicious fruits and varieties of mangoes. The papayas taste so much better than the ones in the United States and we're sure you will be delighted by a lot of flavors you never had before.

The kitchen includes all the comforts of home and maybe more! We have a pizza oven, air fryer, ice maker, kettle, grill, blender, food processor, and juicer. If you have any dietary restrictions, we have you covered! Hilery is well-versed in cooking for vegans, those that need to be gluten-free, and people with highly restricted diets.

We have been to a wide variety of amazing restaurants throughout El Salvador and have made sure to scout out the best locations to eat at on all of our tours too. El Salvador is known for its pupusas and ceviche so you can try a wide variety everywhere you go!


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