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Time to Heal

Are you ready to heal the past, forgive, and move forward without limitation?

We live in a culture that glorifies business and escapism. The result is that many of us have suppressed our wounds and grief in order to get back to work and instead of dealing with our issues when we do have free time, we look for distractions and end up binging on Netflix or scrolling on social media. The result of this tends to be feeling a little broken inside. Sometimes it can result in autoimmune disorders and health issues, sometimes it shows up as being easily triggered into a negative emotional state, and sometimes it can make us suffer from anxiety, depression, or addiction.

We all need to take the time and space to heal our past. If we continue to let these old wounds fester then it only blocks our true happiness and joy in the present and future. Most people don't realize how much their past impacts their future. If you are ready to work on healing your wounds, come join Hilery for a transformational healing retreat.


Hilery uses a variety of healing techniques and modalities that are customized to your needs.

This retreat program is highly customized based on what you need so there aren't many specifics to share. You will have downtime to enjoy the beach, relax by the pool, and do the things you enjoy. You will also have spiritual life coaching sessions, learn breathwork practices, take part in guided meditations and relaxation, and have some energy healing sessions through the use of Thai massage and aromatherapy.


The menu will be made upon your preferences but if you would like to do a cleanse or plant-based program as part of this experience, we are happy to facilitate that too.

We recommend staying for a full week for this program but you could also stay for a long weekend and do some follow-up sessions with Hilery online to help continue the journey. Support and accountability are extremely important on your healing journey.

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Presented by Hilery Radha Hutchinson

Wellness Expert and Author of 10-Minute Stretching

Hilery is extremely passionate about helping people feel their best! After 20 years of experience and 58 certifications, she has worked hard to offer a complete package to her clients that can be truly customized based on their needs, goals, and desires. She never takes a cookie-cutter approach and always meets you where you are on your journey. She understands that wellness and healing are a form of evolution and these things take time. There is never any pressure to do anything that doesn't sincerely resonate with you.

Our Location in Cangrajera El Salvador

What is included?

Private Accommodations

13 nights and 14 days in one of our private rooms.

Private Sessions

All of your private healing sessions, workshops, and massages.

Online Resources

Gain 90 days of access to the online wellness library of resources for professionals. Mini-courses are available here to continue your education.

Locally Sourced & Organic Meals

Fresh, healthy meals are prepared with your preferences in mind.

Fresh Coconut Water

Fresh coconuts are cut daily for optimal hydration and a healthy snack.

Airport Transfers

We will pick you up and drop you off from the airport.

To sign up, pick the dates you want to come, the room you want to stay in, and then on the extras page add Time to Heal. This is a per-day package so choose the number of days you would like to do it for. We set it up this way in case you want to go on some excursions on certain days and follow this program for some too. The cost is $300 per day and that includes your meals, life coaching, breathing & meditation practices, and daily massage and aromatherapy sessions.

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