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Dharma Retreat

Wouldn’t you love to jump out of bed every day filled with excitement and enthusiasm?!


Perhaps you have been searching for your purpose for years and can’t figure it out, or you have just settled for a mundane life out of necessity or not knowing a better way.


Maybe you feel like you have too many responsibilities to change course or that you don’t deserve anything greater because of limiting beliefs or the fear of the unknown!

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Finding and following your passion and purpose can be both a scary and an exciting journey. Having a guide to support you can be a complete game-changer to work through the fear that will most certainly arise.


To discover your passion you have to expand the way you think, recognize what you want to change in your life, AND have the motivation and courage to take action. 


Your current thought process might have limited your options in an effort to keep you safe and provide you with a certain level of comfort and security. The truth is the sky is the limit! Unfortunately, this habitual comfort with a mundane life can hold us back from taking the risk that would truly help us live a life of purpose and joy.

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“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius

If you want to discover your true purpose in life, you must first rid your mind of all the parental and societal expectations that have been placed on you since childhood and connect with your true self.


Our “Travel to Find Your Self” retreat program in El Salvador is designed to help you tap into your true purpose. Step outside of your comfort zone with travel to a new country. Leave the customs and expectations of your social circle and family behind. Discover a new culture of friendly people and smiling faces. Go on excursions with a local guide to see the beauty of this country and taste the amazing food. Experience daily life coaching with Hilery, an extremely supportive and compassionate expert that will help you clear your limiting beliefs and tune into your true desires. 

Hilery is an amazing business mentor that has a deep desire to help everyone discover their true purpose in life. She has been blessed with being passionate about her career since she first started it 20 years ago. She uses her dharma coaching certification to help you discover your true soul's purpose and integrates human design and her business background to help you find your passion and create a successful living from it.


This truly is a life-changing retreat program. You will walk away with memories that last a lifetime, new friends that feel like family, and clarity to move forward with your life doing something that truly excites you!

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How do I sign up?

Our retreats can be done as a solo trip or you can join one of our group retreats. At this moment, we don't have any dharma retreats scheduled but you are welcome to come alone. If you would prefer a group setting, please let us know the dates that are ideal for you and we will try our best to get a group together.

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