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El Salvador Real Estate

El Salvador has turned a corner due to our amazing president, Nayib Bukele. The gangs have been imprisoned and the country is safe to live in, we even went an entire year without a single murder!!

We have been living here for two years and have seen property values double in that time. It is an amazing time to invest, even if you have no interest in living here.

There are a lot of different opportunities to invest in here from farmland to beachfront properties, or from city life to a quiet village in the mountains or lakes.

The Beauty of El Salvador Real Estate

Investment Opportunities

Are you looking for affordable land you can invest in and are willing to wait a few years to cash in? Or do you want to build your dream retirement home on the beach? Maybe you would like a vacation home you can use for income on AirBnB! There are so many options we can help you explore.

El Salvador can feel a bit like the wild, wild West at times. Anyone can be a real estate agent and there is no qualification you need or certifying board. We have watched a lot of our neighbors get screwed over by dealing with shady characters from reputable companies. People create their own prices, regardless of what the land or house is actually valued at, and most foreigners just don't know any better. There can also be many unseen problems that Americans aren't used to even being on the lookout for. We want to protect you from that experience here.

If you would like to work with someone that is trustworthy and always willing to go the extra mile for you, Roberto is your man and he would be happy to help you build your dream life and make great investments in El Salvador.

Contact Us

Contact Roberto to help get your dream investment started. Once he understands your budget and what you are dreaming of, he will be able to make the best recommendations for you, show you the listings he currently has available, and begin searching for your unique interests and requirements!


Text or call him via Whatsapp or fill out the form below!

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