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What's with the name?

Travel to Find Your Self is an interesting name and you may think we made a spelling mistake, but we didn't. Yourself refers to you, the collective you that you identify with and there is a lot of ego involved in that "self". Your Self refers to your highest Self, your true self, the one without the ego involved. It is the you that you were born to be without all of the conditioning your parents, friends, and society as a whole has put on you. It's the you that is dying to be listened to and heard. It's the one that has a dream inside and knows that it is destined for something greater!

We hope to help people tap into the highest and true versions of their Self while they are here. We want to help you let go of all the pressures from your everyday life and to tune into the part of you that is ready to be listened to and come to life. This is a place for you to feel supported and heard, to be nurtured, and to let go of who you feel you have to be and step into who you want to be.

Hilery's last certification she finished was focused on spiritual life coaching and dharma coaching. Your dharma is your life purpose. It is what you were born into this life for. It is tapping into what makes you unique and bringing your gifts to life.

This is actually how we ended up here in El Salvador. During her course, her group did a practice coaching session on Roberto a few days after he had quit his job. He had been in luxury car sales for over a decade and had recently switched to another sales position in home renovations but his entire life had become all about work. He was a slave to his job and although the money was lucrative, the lifestyle was hell.

In that hour session he realized that he was truly happiest when he was bringing people together over the dinner table for special events, nourishing them with his amazing cooking and nurturing them with laughter and fun times. Later on that night it hit him that we could combine both of our passions by opening a retreat center back in his home country, El Salvador.

A few days later we were on a flight to check things out and the rest is history! Now we are almost done with renovations and ready to put both of our passions together. We are offering your dream vacation built to your needs and interests. If you want to tap into your dharma, that's awesome and we can include some coaching sessions into your package. If that isn't something you feel like you need in your life, we can still create a retreat for you with what YOU are looking for!

When it comes to cooking and adventure, that is Roberto's department! He knows all the best places to go in this country to see the waterfalls, volcanoes, beaches, gardens, and more. He has found the best restaurants around and is always bringing home interesting fruits, veggies, and locally caught fish to make amazing meals with. The street food here is always a fun excursion to try ceviche, pupusas, pastelitos, plantains, churros, and a wide variety of candies made from the local sugar cane. He can also provide cooking lessons if you want to learn how to make ceviche at home or any of the traditional Central American foods and more! It is up to you to figure out how much you want to travel and see the sights versus stay right here to enjoy the beach, pool, and relax in the hammock.

Then when it comes to wellness, that is Hilery's department. She is a personal trainer, yoga instructor, vegetarian chef, massage therapist, and life coach. Now it is time to figure out how you want to improve your wellbeing while you are here! Maybe you just want a few massages to help let go of the stress and tension from your life. Or maybe you want to get your act together and need help with a workout routine, stretching routine, and help in the kitchen making healthy meals you actually enjoy. You can even do a cleanse program while you are here to get rid of toxins, lose some weight, and start with a clean slate when you get home. The options are really endless in this department, just check in with Hilery on what you are truly looking for and she will be honest if she can provide it.

We are so excited for these renovations to be done soon! In just a few weeks we should be open for business and can't wait to help YOU travel to find your Self. If you have an idea for your dream vacation in mind, don't hesitate to reach out and we can help you start creating it!

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