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Garrobo Relocation Program!

Well since we first started doing renovations on this house we realized there was a small garrobo problem. A garrobo looks similar to an iguana but is gray and black with spikes down its back! The Spanish name is garrobo but the English name is the black spiny-tailed iguana.

The house had been abandoned for quite some time and they had taken over the upstairs bedroom and some spaces in the roof as a home of their own. Our construction workers started trapping them for us and tying them up to be relocated and released!

If you know Roberto well, you know he has a fear of mice - well guess what, he is quite afraid of garrobos too. Somehow one we released must have known it because as soon as we untied him he ran straight for Roberto as you can see in this entertaining video!

We got them all out of the house on our last trip to El Salvador and sealed up any holes where they could possibly get in. Now that we are living here full time, we are noticing them lounging around the yard and sunning up on the roofs at times. Needless to say, the hunt is on to capture garrobos this week again.

We realized that they are hopping over the fence from an empty lot next door so it looks like it is time to get a chainsaw and start cutting any branches that provide them the opportunity to easily trespass.

This week we have caught and relocated two more and we think we have two left to go! Hilery doesn't seem to mind them hanging around and Bodhi doesn't notice at all. Life in the tropics is always full of surprises!

We hope you enjoy the video! Don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel on YouTube for more updates on how our life here is evolving.

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