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The Local Fish Market

On our first trip to El Salvador last month, Roberto was pretty disappointed that we ran out of time to check out the fish market. The fish market sits right on the ocean in La Libertad and it has a pier where the fisherman are immediately bringing in their fresh catch to the market for sale.

Roberto was so excited as he saw a big red snapper being pulled off a fishing line and being brought down the pier to be sold at the market. We started to explore the aisles of the fresh fish market and saw a wide variety of fish, shrimp, clams, and shellfish. One woman had a whole sink of tuna she was washing and they were $4 per tuna!

Our next stop was for fresh ceviche. The woman had five different kinds! We got to watch her open up the black clams and she squeezed fresh lime and extra toppings customized to your request.

As we continued our walk around the fish market we came across this sign that there will soon be a project sponsored by China. We also saw another project for sea turtles on our road in La Cangrejera that is being sponsored by Germany. Many countries seem to be assisting with different projects and expanding into El Salvador. We also saw a huge Sheraton being built downtown so it seems like tourism is on the rise.

What we thought was a fruit and vegetable market next to the fish market turned out to be a food court! There were two stories of small take-out places using the fresh fish and picnic tables for seating.

We were running out of daylight hours and driving around San Salvador in the dark can get super confusing so we didn't explore much of the little town. We went up one little street to stop and get a smoothie. Hilery forgot to ask for no sugar so she was a little disappointed with the strawberry smoothie but we are learning things the hard way!!

Every day is a new adventure and we feel so lucky to have this market just 20 minutes from the house. Roberto is super excited to start experimenting with new recipes so we have them mastered by the time you get here.

To see it for yourself, please enjoy the video below!

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