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Top Restaurants in El Salvador

We have traveled all over this country and are always looking for the best food to enjoy on our adventures. Most of the restaurants along the coast have the same exact menu and that can get pretty boring very quickly! This is a quick list of our favorite spots to eat in a variety of different areas.


Entre Nubes is one place you shouldn't miss. The garden is absolutely beautiful and you can wander there for hours. They have beautiful sculptures, hanging orchids, peacocks, coffee trees, and more. We have only had breakfast there but if you are in the area, at least stop by for coffee and a walk. There is also a mirador at the top of the garden.


For the best Italian food in all of El Salvador, visit Piccolo Giardino. The ambiance is wonderful and they have a large garden right there for all their herbs so it feels like a farm-to-table experience. The pizza is some of the best you will have in this country and they have a lot of other wonderful dishes too.

El Boqueron

We have two options here depending on what you are looking for. If you want to enjoy the rainbow slippery slide and a lot of kids' activities with loud American music, then Picnic Steakhouse is the choice for you. If you want the best food in a quieter garden vibe then we recommend El Peruano. They make amazing Peruvian food and have an extensive menu. They both have beautiful views but very different vibes and food.

El Peruano also has a location in San Salvador that is excellent.

El Sunzal

Olor de Mar has three locations (also in El Zonte and San Salvador) but this one is our favorite. The ambiance is lovely, the view is perfect, and the food is excellent. We love their menu as there is something for everyone and it has a lot of variety compared to anything in the area. We tend to order something different each time and have never been disappointed.

El Tunco

The tough part of El Tunco is that all the places that have ocean and sunset views have mediocre food. We recommend grabbing a drink to watch the sunset and then heading to the main street for dining. Gorilla has an amazing fried avocado taco and their falafel bowl is fresh delicious and incredibly filling. There are a few more restaurants within this little square like Ban Mi Captain Jacks, and more that all have great food. We need to try these places a couple more times before we recommend them for certain!

We can highly recommend Moo for the freshest frozen yogurt we have ever eaten. You can pick chocolate, vanilla, or mix, and then choose a couple of toppings. It is delightful and a perfect way to finish up your evening in El Tunco!!


There is a fun street festival on Saturdays with lots of artisans, fresh foods, kids' activities, and more. You will find local alcoholic drinks like ponche and chicha, or grab a crazy decked out michelada.

La Libertad

Well, this is one area we don't have a single recommendation to go to, only places to avoid. We have never had a decent meal here and have even ended up with food poisoning. We would recommend avoiding this area. You may have luck in Sunset Park but you will most likely be getting overpriced mediocre food.

Playa Mahajual

Cielo Mar has a similar menu as you will find at most restaurants along the coast but everything is elevated with attention to detail. The customer service is top notch and you will have a beautiful view of the black beach. They do have a pool and showers so you can make an entire afternoon out of it.

San Salvador

This one is hard to narrow down as San Salvador is actually packed with great restaurants. One thing we have found here though is that they lack consistency. You can have an amazing meal one time and the next time you wonder what the heck was going on in the kitchen. So we are going to stick to the ones we haven't had hit-or-miss experiences at!

For breakfast, we like to visit Cafe La Casona. They are open for lunch and dinner too, we just haven't tried it yet. There is a wonderful tree in the middle of the restaurant lit up and a small waterfall to give it a peaceful ambiance. The food and coffee are both amazing.

Delikat is a great brunch spot but the service is subpar. I would only go if you have a couple of hours free and don't mind it taking a while to both order and get your check. The food is worth it though. They have a wide variety of healthy options and we were impressed with the quality of food and pastries.

Roots Food Artisan is a great lunch spot. They have Spanish-inspired Mediterranean food and make their own bread so everything is fresh and wonderful. They also have a nice selection of craft beers.

Silvestre San Benito is a really fun restaurant that you can't help but take pictures of. The food is elevated and they have some crazy cocktails. The menu leans more towards seafood and Asian influences but they also have a section for vegetarians and meat eaters.


Leaf is a lovely new organic restaurant with some of the best coffee you will find in El Salvador. They used a different brewing technique called the Delter Method for a precise result every single time. Their menu has a great variety and everything is prepared really well.

That's it! Those are our top picks as on February 2023. We will keep this page updated as we continue to explore and eat our way through El Salvador!

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